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Investment Managers – What Do They Do?

Investment manager is basically an organization or a person who is focused on making investment in portfolio of security on behalf of their clients. This is all done in accordance with the investment objectives and parameters that are defined by clients. Such might be accountable for all the associated activities with proper management of the client’s portfolio from selling and buying securities on a daily basis to monitoring of portfolio, performance measurement, regulatory and client reporting as well as settlement of transactions.

Whether you believe it or not, an investment manager could range in size from 1 or 2 person offices to some big multidisciplinary companies with offices in multiple countries. In regards to the fees, these are based often on percentage of the client AUM or Assets Under Management.

As an example, a person who has a 5 million dollar portfolio that is handled by investment manager who charges 1.5 percent per year is going to pay 75,000 in fees.

Investors must have thorough understanding of different types of investment manager. Certified Financial Planners or simply CFPs are creating holistic financial plan for investors which take information similar to future cash needs, expense and income into consideration. Basically, it is a relatively broad term to use Financial Advisor or FA but this often refers to stockbrokers. The portfolio managers or PM are investing directly the investor’s capital together with the goal of achieving high returns of investment.

Investors have to determine what kind of investment manager they need, which likely depends on what stage of financial planning procedure they are currently in. It is critical that you perform a background check of professional regulatory qualification of investment manager, review for complaints that were filed before and make sure that the manager has the experience and skills required is something that investors have to do. Investment managers should be easy to contact to and taking specific needs of their clients into account. As financial needs are so dynamic, investors should feel more comfortable in reaching out to their investment manager at short notice because this is the only way that service could be customized according to their needs.

The performance of investment manager ought to be evaluated and reviewed. It is critical for the investors to assess at least 5 years of investment returns to be able to determine the performance of investment manager in different market environments. When planning to hire a manager to handle your investments and other assets, the fee structures should be considered too.

Needless to say, caution should be practiced at all time to avoid any troubles while working with an investment manager.

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